General Conditions of Use and Sale

General Conditions of Use and Sale
To insert an advertisement on the site, no help, telephone or email assistance is necessary. Everything is fully automatic.
All announcements are read and images are viewed by our moderator service

The advertiser is solely responsible for the advertisement broadcast.
The site is a platform which must be considered as a free intermediary (paying for certain options) for the various transactions and must in no case be considered as a seller of the objects offered on the site. The site does not offer any guarantee on the items sold on the site. The site is in no way in possession of the products offered on the site.
Any user of the service must ensure that the property he is looking to sell or buy is an authorized product on the site.

Rejected ads:
- Purely commercial ads,
- Pyramid systems (making a fortune at home, etc.),
- Human organs,
- Games of chance, lottery, etc.
- Offers of money loans, micro-finance, financial institutions or similar,
- Maraboutage, horoscope, divinatory tarot, etc
- Tobacco, drugs and related items, dangerous and illegal substances,
- Cosmetics, drugs in all its forms and drugstores,
- Precious stones
- Firearms, explosives, hunting traps, knives, sabers, batons, brass knuckles or similar, etc.
- Trafficking in minors, forced marriages or similar acts is strictly prohibited,
- is an apolitical site. We delete ads used to give an opinion on a subject, a person, a political or administrative authority,
- Ads filled with spelling mistakes, or without interest (ex: 'I'm looking for a house', etc ...), SMS language, are removed,
- Sale of unlimited internet chips
- Fanciful ads (full of ????, #####, etc),
- The title of the advertisement must correspond to the descriptive text (Example: in the title it is a room rental while the text speaks of pornography); these kinds of ads are systematically deleted,
- A bad category: the ad text must correspond to the category,
- Ads published in a different department from the one where the object is located,
- Identical ads (even slightly different),
- Content reserved for adults, pornographic, shocking and racist are prohibited,
- Protected plant and animal species,
- We do not accept the sale of falsified, copied objects. The sale and purchase of original products is authorized (electronic devices, DVDs, CDs, video games, computer software, branded clothing and branded accessories, etc.).

Inserting photos:
- In the case of a photo insertion, it must represent the property to be sold or rented and cannot be used to illustrate several advertisements. This photo must not be a photo copied on the internet. (Example: to sell your car, put the photo of your car as it is and not the one copied on the site of the manufacturer or the manufacturer of the car, also indicate in the text the defects of the object to be sold),
- On the photos to be inserted, there must be no people,

- Any ad that does not comply with these good dissemination practices will be refused by and will not be put online, without any recourse, compensation or reimbursement whatsoever (even if it is a paid option) of the advertiser’s share.
- Any transaction failure will not be refunded, regardless of the payment method used.
- Any advertisement inserted by a professional making an offer of sale, services or intended to publicize his activity must include his Commercial Register and it is the responsibility and responsibility of the professional advertiser to pay all taxes inherent in its activity with the various organizations of its country.
- The user who does not respect the rules will eventually be blocked by our services.
We reserve the right to delete an advertisement without justification.

- cannot guarantee that the object offered for sale, for rental will satisfy the member, and, similarly, it cannot guarantee to the advertiser that the object will not be returned to it.
- is a link site. In no case can be held responsible for any problem whatsoever during contact, rental or sale between two members.
- is not involved in the rental, sale, or delivery of the object or the performance of the service. It is up to the members themselves to find common ground.
- checks all ads posted or modified every day. Despite our vigilance, certain announcements may pass to work
- is not responsible for the fraudulent use by a third party of the user's nickname and / or password.
- is not responsible for the alteration, loss or accidental transmission of data or the sending of viruses.
- The members expressly recognize that the partial or total, temporary or permanent unavailability of the site cannot cause damage to them and they therefore refrain from any action against, in because of its unavailability.

We do not arbitrate any conflict between sellers and buyers or between Renter and Tenant.
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